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In mathematics, the Fibonacci order is a sequence in which each number is the sum of the two preceding ones approaching the Golden Ratio or Golden Number of 1.61803399 which in turn is represented by 21st letter of the Greek alphabet, phi.

Phi pronounced “fee” in ancient Greek represents the perfect ratio that is widely found throughout all organic life, and likewise applies to art, architecture, the sciences, and financial mathematics. It is our intention to identify and implement the perfect financial structure for your private and business needs.

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According to a recent survey as many as 79% of actively managed funds underperform their respective category benchmark.
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Businesses are like organic beings. To strive they perpetually need new impulses which require investments.

30 Years Trusted by HNWIs and Corporations

Serial entrepreneur with several exits. Deeply rooted experience in Wealth, Asset and Fund Management as well as Project Finance. Special areas of expertise include Commercial Real-Estate, eCommerce, FinTech, Blockchain and Buy- and Sell-Side M&A transactions.

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Istanbul Investor Presentation

Istanbul Investor Presentation

In 2019, we scoured the investment world to find an investment product that met our own needs to safely diversify 1-5% of our assets into the digital and crypto space. But there was none. So, we sat down and developed it ourselves. The result is a completely new type of investment offering that reflects the …

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Make-it Capital Edition #33

Make-it Capital Edition #33

THE WORLD AS WE SAW IT IN JULY 2023 The World of Cryptocurrencies The crypto market was pretty flat in July, with some altcoins gaining ground against the two bellwethers, Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). The hashrate, or difficulty level of the Bitcoin network, continues to rise, increasing its inherent security. So this is a positive sign for the market …

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Make-It Capital Edition #32

Make-It Capital Edition #32

July 05, 2023 THE WORLD AS WE SAW IT IN JUNE 2023 The World of Cryptocurrencies The world of cryptocurrencies had its third-best month this year adding some $55 billion in market capitalization. Bitcoin (BTC) outshone Ethereum (ETH). Forces driving the former were most prominently the Blackrock news, whereas rumor of an impeding probe of the SEC into DeFi seemed to have hurt the latter. BTC …

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