Phi Capital

Istanbul Investor Presentation

In 2019, we scoured the investment world to find an investment product that met our own needs to safely diversify 1-5% of our assets into the digital and crypto space. But there was none. So, we sat down and developed it ourselves.

The result is a completely new type of investment offering that reflects the entire emerging digital world. A product that to this day is unique. As a group of crypto and financial experts with over 55 years of experience in the field, we created the Make-It Capital Fund (the Fund).

We have opted to choose a basket approach to reduce risk and volatility while generating above-average superior returns over the long term. We called this the 5-pillar approach. These five pillars currently include direct investment in cryptocurrencies, trading, liquidity provision, DeFi, and venture capital.

The Fund provides a straightforward and safe way in AND out of the crypto markets. (US$-in, US$-out) – no knowledge required. No risk of getting hacked or losing one’s private keys.

Investing in the Fund offers the easiest and safest way to be part of the digital and tokenized future while keeping one’s peace of mind.

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